Saturday, 9 May 2015

Clarins Liquid Bronze Facial Tanner

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion
I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to dedicate a post to one of my all-time favourite tanning products- the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning LotionI've repurchased this twice now which, considering you need the tiniest amount, proves how much I love the stuff. As a girl who likes a bit of colour all year round, I can’t imagine reaching for anything else; it works wonders for warming up my complexion and even-ing out my skin tone enough that I dare to go foundation-free most days (admittedly with the help of my trusty Collection Concealer).

Although your desired colour is buildable with this product, it’s more suited to achieving a gorgeous, subtle healthy glow. In terms of application I would definitely recommend applying it in the evening and, depending on how much colour you want, either apply it with your fingers (just remember to wash afterwards!) or a cotton pad for a more subtle tint. It has a lovely milky consistency and there’s no need to worry about any of that unpleasant biscuity odour, yay! With the summer months approaching, this little bottle of liquid bronze is a must-have addition to your skincare collection.

What's your favourite facial tanner?

K x

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